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Is clarity momentary?
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Questioner (Q): Acharya Ji, it sometimes seems that I have clarity, but the actions taken in that clarity are proven wrong later on. Is clarity momentary? How to deal with this?

Acharya Prashant (AP): Yes it is possible for time to again cloud the clear sky.

There is clarity, right? Look, look skywards (addressing the audience to look at the open sky).

And you also see that there are clouds eager to obfuscate the clarity. So, there must be two types of clarities. Those who have known have called them Sabīja and Nirbīja . Sabīja clarity is there when the seeds of the deep inner tendencies have not yet been burnt down, so even if you clear the landscape, time will ensure that it again gets covered with weeds. The surface has been cleared, but beneath the surface, there are seeds, potent seeds, fertile seeds. So, you will be able to enjoy the clear surface for a while, and then it is again weeded, like the clear sky of the morning that gets clouded by the evening.

And then there is ‘*Nirbīja*’ clarity when you have made the efforts to actually do the spadework as well. The earth has been moved, the surface has been turned upside down. Somebody has tilled the whole thing. It requires much deeper effort, you know.

Just clearing the plants on the surface is effortful, but to go beneath the surface, to dig and to unearth even the seeds, to uproot the whole thing is ten times more labor-intensive.

So, uninterrupted clarity is only for those who are prepared to put in that kind of immense effort.

‘*Sabīja*’ clarity serves a purpose, it gives you a taste, a feel of the clear sky. You get a glimpse, you get a period. That awakens within you a deep love for the clear sky. That love enables you to put in the energy to not only clear the surface but actually uproot the whole problem, to dig out the seeds as well, to pick up the spade and the shovel and destroy the whole settled pattern of the earth.

Let me give you a hint – if you want to really destroy a pattern, it requires at least as much energy as has gone into building and putting together that pattern. There is this piece of earth; it is a settled pattern, right? One thing is arranged into other things, pieces, molecules in a particular arrangement. If you want to totally disrupt this arrangement, that will require as much energy as has gone into making this arrangement. Only if you love clarity enough to put in that much energy, will you have a clarity that never ends. That clarity is also called immortality.

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