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Your lover hurts you the most || Neem Candies
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So many people claim love towards each other. Parents claim that they love their kids. Kids say that they want the welfare of their parents. Husband and wife, they claim that they want that good should come to the other.

But what do you see happening in the world? Those with seemingly good, great, pious intentions towards the other, they are the ones who harm the other the most.

Look at your mind honestly. If today your mind is loaded and crowded, is it because of strangers? It is not because of strangers. It is not even because of your enemies. Your mind is crowded and afflicted because of your well-wishers.

Strangers aren’t doing you any harm. Your enemies, too, aren’t doing you too much harm. Those who claim to love you, they are the ones who are constantly bugging your mind.

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