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You are the mother of all importance || Acharya Prashant, with youth (2012)

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Acharya Prashant: All your student life, you have been talking and studying about this and that. The languages, Science, Social Sciences – History, Geography, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry. Now, Technology.

But there is one entity that you have forgotten so much, that it is very difficult at this moment, to even remind you of that entity. That entity has never been in the domain of your education. You have studied about a lot of things, but there is one entity that you have never studied about. Never bothered to attend to.

What is that entity?

Listener: Personality.

AP: Personality?

You will get to study a lot of Personality.

In fact, you have been studying about nothing but ‘Personality’!

‘Personality’ by definition is nothing but what you gather from outside.

All your life, you have been gathering a personality. That’s what you have been doing. Kindly do not think that you haven’t been studying ‘Personality’. Maybe not explicitly. But that is actually what is been happening. You have been developing a ‘personality’, a particular type of personality.

But there is one entity, that has always escaped your attention! What is that entity? A very small and insignificant entity, who of course doesn’t count in your world. What is that entity?

L: Behaviour?

AP: You have been reading about a lot of things. In fact, by this time, your awareness, your general-awareness, the sum-total of the knowledge inside your mind, is so immense that it would require, I am pretty sure, quite a good hard-disk to save it in.

Still, there is one small, insignificant entity, that you missed out on. What is that entity? It doesn’t count for much. At least not in your world. But still, it does exist. And we haven’t looked at it. Our education has never bothered to look at it. What is that entity? What is that entity?

I thought, we have had 5, 6, 7 sessions of HIDP so far? Have we?

Yes? What is that entity? You have studied everything. Let’s proceed through elimination. You have studied Languages? So, it can’t be a language. You have studied historical personalities? So, it can’t be a historical personality! You have studied current affairs? So, it can’t be somebody who is still alive or rather somebody who is in the public domain! You have studied about the Sciences? The physical sciences, the natural sciences! So, it can’t be an entity coming from there!

What is it likely to be?

L: Myself?


AP: Myself?

Culture? Haven’t you studied Culture? All the History that you have studied in 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th Standards, is Culture only. What are the teachers doing? They are teaching you culture all the time! Parents are teaching you culture, all the time. Aren’t they? So, you have been taught a lot of cultures. Don’t worry about that! In fact, I am afraid, you have been taught too much of culture.

A very tiny, mostly worthless, totally seeming un-useful entity lies unattended, about which you have known nothing. What is that?

L: “I”

AP: What do you mean by “I”?

L: Self.

AP : What do you mean by “Self”?

Are you the languages that you have studied? Are you the rivers and mountains that you have studied in Geography? Are you the Kings and the Generals, and the wars, you have read of, in History? Are you? Are you Trigonometry, or the number systems or the differential equations? Are you Simple harmonic motion? Are you the charges that attract to each other in electrostatics?

Yes? Yes?

Then move fast, and we will get a magnetic field there!

You aren’t Technology either. If right now you think you are students of Technology, you aren’t Technology either!

All that you have been studying about, is about external objects. Do you realize this much? You are not an object. You are not ‘external’ to yourself. You are the subject which is at the center of everything. Our education has made a grave error. It has attended closely, very narrowly, to each and every object possible. But it has not looked at that, which is primary, central, the most important. And that is?

That is ‘You’. That is ‘You’.

It should have been the most natural and the most spontaneous fact, to occur to any intelligent mind. An intelligent mind, should not require somebody else to come and say this. But because we have been trained deeply and heavily. And by this time, 15-17 years of education, has conditioned us thoroughly; so it sounds strange to us when someone comes and says, that ‘you’, the ‘subject’ is far more important than any ‘object’. Because, you get up and say, Sir, but this has never been told to us! We were always told that others are more important. Society, family, parents, their opinions, recruiter, jobs, friends, media, teachers, all of these are more important. All the ‘others’ are more important. General awareness, what is happening where? Knowing the latest technology! We have always been told that all that, is most important.

No, none of ‘that’ is most important.

The simple fact is that the subject, which is at the center of everything, is always the most important.

Write down. The ‘subject’, is primary, central, the most important. In whatever I do, think, feel, or know, ‘I am’ always the subject.

Now, this is the most fundamental fact.

However, as I said, that because you have not attended to it since a very long period of time, so it may sound a little strange to you. Let it just stay. Things will start getting clearer.

Now, write down – ‘Objects’ are the millions of things, thoughts, people, places, and moments, that come and go, in front of the subject. No object, or group of objects, can have any importance, compared to the subject.

Read it well, and see what it means to you.


Now, we will give examples of objects. Give me one example of an object?

L: Place.

AP: Give me one example of a Place!

So, let me say, ‘my home.’ How so ever important ‘my home’ is, it will always be less important than? Than whom?

Than ‘myself.’

L: Myself.

Let’s understand the implications of whatsoever we have just written down.

Howsoever important my home is, it will always be less important than? Than me!

Can you repeat this statement?

L: Howsoever important my home is, it will always be less important than, “me”!

AP: That’s an example of a place, right?

Howsoever important, a temple is, or Rashtrapati Bhavan is, or any grand, sacred or important place is, it will always be less important than?

L: Me.

Than, “me”!

Because I am the ‘subject’ who is at the center, always. Everything else is an object, right? Do you understand this?

Who will give an example of ‘objects’ as ‘People’?


L: Friends.

AP: Friends.

Howsoever important friends, family, parents, are; I will still be at the center.

There is a simple reason for this. Who accords the importance to them? It’s me only. I am the one who is making them important.

Are you getting it?

So, if they are important, then I am the ‘mother of all the importance.’ Because I am the one who accords importance to them. Do you understand this?

Moments. Give me examples of moments? Important Moments.

L: Seminars, examinations, birth and death, marriage.

AP: So, howsoever important, all these moments are, marriage, birth, death, examination, seminars, the moment of an interview! I am sitting and facing an interviewer!Howsoever much important that moment of interview, or seminar, or marriage, appear to me, it will always be less important than? Me.

Are we getting the significance of this? Are we understanding this? Are we together?

It seems, 3.5 students are with me!

Are we together?

L: Yes Acharya Ji! (together)

AP: Alright!


The most deceptive object of them all.

Because all importance, you see, is created by thought, is created ‘in’ thought. Whatever we are saying, it is fundamentally a thought. Right? For most of us. So, howsoever important a thought appears, it is still less important than me, the thinker. Are you getting it? Howsoever much, important, a thought appears, it is always of lesser importance than the?

L: Thoughts.

Now, what are important thoughts? What kind of important thoughts do we hold? Thoughts of ideology. Thoughts of respect, thoughts of my future, thoughts of career, thoughts of progress, and?

L: Dreams.

AP: Dreams.


What do you mean is ambition, targets, purpose? All these thoughts are always, always going to be less important than the entity from where they come. Because from where they come, that entity can give rise to one thought, and can also give rise to millions of other thoughts. So, that entity is, of course, more important than any single thought. It is the mother of all thoughts. The very ground from where all thought emanates.

Are you getting it?


L: Yes.

AP: You see, you are looking at a particular scene. No scene can be ever more important than the ‘eye’ that looks at it.

Now, do you understand what I am saying?

Millions of scenes will come and go, but the ‘eye’ will always remain more important than them, right? Will you ever exchange your eye for any particular scene, howsoever beautiful it is? It’s a wonderful scenery, please take my eye. And give me that scene. Because, if the “I” goes, can the scene remain?

So, this is the? Be it ‘eye’ or ‘I’, both are the subject.

The “I” is the subject.

Are you now getting it?

Now, do we see, just a little more clearly, the way we have been brought up, educated, trained, conditioned? Was there any entry in your class 12th mark sheet that said, Hindi – A-minus, English- B plus, Mathematics – A-plus, “I” – B minus? Was there any entry like this?

L: No.

AP: Neither was there any such entry in class 12th nor is there likely to be in the University mark sheet. You are very unlikely to undergo any course, all your life, which takes you to the one entity that deserves to be studied first of all.

Your education has taught you about all the scenes, but it has never told you that the “I” is important.Are you understanding this?

Where do all the thoughts come from? Where do all the technologies come from?

The human mind, right?

Your education has taught you about technologies, but has not taught you about the source from which everything else comes, which is ‘you.’ The subject, the most important entity.

That is the reason, Why, when we are writing this sheet, we are writing it on the last pages of our register. And I do not blame you for the casual treatment that you are giving it. Because see, this is about yourself, and you have been told that you are not important.

Had this been a practical file you had been preparing to show to an external examiner, had I been an external examiner, an object. Then, you would have made it very presentable. You do all of that. Right? Because, somebody else, an ‘object’ will look at it. Correct? But right now, because no object is involved, it is about the poor subject, which is ‘you.’ The entity which does not count at all, and the entity which is no worth at all. So, you give this kind of a treatment to it. Some of us are even writing on loose sheets. The respect that we give to this sheet of paper, is the respect that we give to?

L: Ourselves.

That is the reason I never tire of telling my audiences, that all your education, put on one side, and a single session of HIDP, put on the other side, and the HIDP session will outweigh the rest of your education, for a simple reason. Which is, that the HIDP is about? HIDP is about?

It’s about YOU.

L: Self-confidence.

AP: Not self-confidence. Even confidence is an object.

Because HIDP is about the SELF, which is YOU.

HIDP is not about self-confidence. Even confidence is an object.

Are you getting it?

But you do not realize it. That is the biggest strength and also the biggest weakness of HIDP. The strength is innate, the strength is fundamental, that it is about you, your life. You have not been taught any philosophy, coined by somebody, nor any technology invented by somebody.

It takes you to yourself. That is it’s biggest innate strength. But that’s also it’s biggest weakness. Because you are so heavily conditioned, that you will not give importance to any course which is about ‘YOU.’ Is that right?

You will give it importance, if you are told, believe me. If you are told, that you know, do this course, and this will give you a certification which many employers are going to value. Then you will give a lot of importance, am I right? Correct? You know you will give importance to it. And then if you are told, you see, you will be given this certificate which will be acceptable across various countries. Then you will give all the more importance to it, right? Because so many ‘others’ are going to look at it. So many ‘others’!

And the ‘other’ is so very important. Who am I? I am just a small, tiny, worm-like being. What importance or worth do I have?

But because HIDP does not say this to you that by doing this, what will you become in ‘others’ eyes, it tells you that it is important for ‘you’ as it is about ‘yourself.’ And ‘you’ are a million times more important than any object. We do not understand it, that is HIDP’s weakness as well.

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