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The Real You is lovable ||Neem Candies

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We have been taught to hate ourselves. When you look at a nice shirt, what do you say? “Let me wear this shirt, this shirt will add value to me. I am of inferior value.” Even a shirt you think of as something that can add value to you, don’t you? And therefore, when you find people wearing expensive shirts, you look up to them. We have been taught to look down upon ourselves.

Love yourself. Respect yourself. And then you will not accept hurt. Loving yourself is very different from improving yourself or adding value to yourself. In fact, they are opposites in some sense. By loving yourself, I do not mean that you should wear the best sari. “Because I love myself so much, so I am gifting myself the best sari.” No, no, no. Loving yourself means that you look up to yourself and respect yourself already as you are.

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