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Our only deep need || Neem Candies
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Our only deep need is self-actualization. All other needs are just precursors and mediums.

Why do you have relationships? Why do you have money? Why do you want respect? Why do you wake up in the morning? Why are you having this conversation? Why do you even watch a movie? Why do you commit a heinous crime? All these things you want either because you think that they lead to self-actualization, or sometimes you want them as a proxy to self-actualization. Many people do that.

The one within, that you can call as the ‘I’ or the ego, is crying out for fulfillment. It is the source of all this and also the purpose of all this. Everything arises from that. Whatever you do, your entire universe, all your deeds, thoughts, purposes, motivations—all arises from there and it all arises for the sake of actualization. It is both the earth and the sky, and in between the earth and the sky you are doing all your miscellaneous activities and mischief.

Self-actualization, in spiritual terms, is the state of liberation. In traditional religious terms, you could call self-actualization as God-attainment.

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