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Living fully means whatever is, is always full. Just go close to it || (2016)
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Questioner: There is one thing that comes up when said ‘Live fully’. So, let us take an example of the bath. By 'fully' what occurs to me is you can use a hundred types of products to wash your body.

Acharya Prashant: Living fully does not mean that you have to add something to life. Living fully means that life is already full, and you must not be disrespectful towards that fullness.

I think that it’s an important thing that I missed.

Living fully does not mean that you have to go out and consume life. Living fully does not mean you have to enhance life. Living fully means that whatever is, is always full. There is nothing except fullness. Just go close to it. The separation is the issue.

Eating fully means that every morsel is a great opportunity to know the total. It does not mean what you are eating, how much you are eating.

Q: Yes. The volume, the quantity doesn’t matter, it is the quality that matters.

AP: Yes. It’s the quality. You see, it’s not only the religious ones and the spiritual ones who teach nonsense, the corporates and the consumerists are not behind. They too are eager to teach nonsense. This is consumerist nonsense that 'living fully means consuming a lot, having a lot', it does not mean that.

Life is anyway always, already happening and whatever is happening, ‘whatever’ not some special happening, is a gateway.

You get a lot to eat, that is your opportunity, an opportunity to know through eating what is eating and what is it that is beyond eating, and if you get to eat a little, that again is an equal opportunity.

There are two tables. On one is laid out a sumptuous dinner and on the other table is a measly piece of bread. Are the persons on these two tables having unequal opportunities?

Just tell me.


The opportunity is the same because the Truth is one. Are you getting it?

If you have a lavish spread in front of you, then, that is your opportunity. Know here. Know right now. And if you have just dry crumps of bread, that is the opportunity. That is an equal opportunity.

So, lavish dinner, live it fully!

Bread crumbs! Live it fully!

Live it fully in either case and in every case.

Wish granted, live it fully!

Wish denied, live it fully!

Do not ask anything more, because it is already the maximum that is possible.

It is about depth, about the quality.

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