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Life ruined by life-experts || Neem Candies
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The more you go to those “wise” people, the more you will see how those around us are gravely unwise. And that will tell you why those around you do not like it when you go to the really wise ones: because if you do manage to spend time with the really wise ones, the unwise crowd would be swiftly exposed.

And that’s why you have cases of your near and dear ones not liking it when you turn to real spirituality: because when you turn to real spirituality, you immediately start seeing what is unreal, and that includes your so-called life experts. They are very, very unreal.

That’s why in current spirituality there is very little emphasis on going to the classics. They just do not want you to read the scriptures. The moment you read the scriptures, you will reject the current lot of gurus. They are a blemish on the word ‘guru’. They don’t deserve it.

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