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Is it my destiny to suffer? || Neem Candies
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Doesn’t it behoove the intelligent one to ask: Am I born to just wallow in this nonsense? Is it my fate to crave, cringe, yell and shriek, and then, when I am fed up of yelling, put on a fake laughter or something?

Those honest questions need to be asked. We often do not ask them, because if you ask a question, it becomes your responsibility to look not merely for an answer but actually a solution. And all that involves effort. This body does not quite love effort; it would rather have food and go to bed. To avoid that effort, which would be both physical and psychological, we just conveniently surrender at all the wrong places.

Spirituality, then, is about exerting yourself rightly. You just cannot be honest within and let your world continue as it is. It is incumbent upon the honest fellow to work rightly.

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