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Benefits of nonsense || Neem Candies
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Acharya Prashant
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Two or three people are discussing some nonsense, and three more will join in, and then probably three more. What connects them? What makes them relate to each other? Nonsense. That’s the benefit that nonsense gives you, and that’s why you remain steeped in nonsense: it helps you feel connected to a lot of people and, therefore, secure. “He talks nonsense, he talks nonsense, he talks nonsense. And therefore, if I talk nonsense, I will belong to the family—happy, big family. Feels so warm and cozy!”

Whereas, if you shed nonsense, the doors of this happy family are closed on you, and then there is insecurity, and then it requires courage and faith. Most people don’t prefer that. Therefore, the family of nonsense is huge.

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