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You too can become great || Neem Candies
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If no greatness were possible at all, then there was no justification in pointing fingers at littleness. But greatness is possible. Greatness is possible, and it is materially proven in the shape, form, and figure of the great man. If he could do it, why couldn’t you? He had all the vices that you have. He had all the tendencies that you have. He still has them. Some part of him will always remain little.

Littleness is a congenital condition: you just cannot totally do away with it. You can tend towards complete freedom, you can tend towards the Absolute, you can tend towards being absolutely free, but you can never reach absolute freedom. A little bit will always remain.

If he can do what he is doing and what he has done in spite of all his littlenesses, why can’t you? That is the question the little one has to answer.

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