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What is the difference, and the relationship between, the brain and the mind?
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Question: What is the difference, and the relationship between, the brain and the mind? Acharya Prashant: Who is asking this question? You. You are the ego, the incomplete self-principle (I-, I minus). *What is the proof that you, the questioner, are the incomplete self-principle, the ego? The proof is that you are asking this question. If you were not incomplete, why would you ever ask a question? Fine. Come back to the topic. So, what is the brain? The brain is the body. Conditioned like any other part of the body. An evolutionary product. Thoughts, feelings, intuitions, impulses, all are conditioned processes of the body. That’s the brain. The brain projects the world. The brain, body, and world are one. So are perceptions, emotions, thoughts etc. All the same. Prakriti. You are the ego. I- (I minus, or the ego) seeks completion. It can attach itself to the body, and then what results is the suffering mind. I- + Brain Body World = Suffering mind (normal mind) I- + That(Good old Brahm) = Peaceful mind (no mind) But the question is far from dissolved: What is this I-, or ego? Hint: It can not be in the same dimension as Brain-Body-World, because when I- combines with BBW, the result is disastrous. First of Buddha’s noble utterances. So, I- has to be in the same dimension as That-Brahm. Then, there is peace. And peace is the answer to all questions. So, I- has to be really That, and nothing but That. So, what is the ego? The ego is Brahm pretending to be small. Therefore, the ego does not exist.* Bad pretense. Caught. *If you are smart enough, you won’t read beyond this point. For beyond this point, if the reading has been attentive, the reader cannot exist. The question was asked by the ego, and it has learnt of its own non-existence. Who cares for an answer any longer? But if you are not smart, or have not been attentive, which probably is the case, you would be found reading on. Read on. What is the mind? The mind is essentially a bad decision by the ego(Brahm drunk on Himself) to choose Prakriti rather than Brahm. The mind is Brahm playing a game with Himself, and losing the game. The mind is Brahm forgetting his size, and putting on kid’s undies. The mind is Brahm foraying into the world of experiences, and finding it a bad foray. The mind is little I(I-) strangely believing that it is really little(Maya), and hence associating with more littleness.* The mind is I experiencing that which it must not.

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