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How to achieve big goals? || Neem Candies
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Take one step and be determined, then take another baby step. And when you are taking that one step, think only about that one step. One step is not very difficult, is it? But when you look at the mountain top, then it is; the looking becomes the deterrent.

People have come to me and said, “You know, you started off at the right time. You have had the benefit of privilege education, this, that. When we look at you, we understand that it is not possible for us.”

I said: Then stop looking at me; then stop coming, because I am doing a great disservice to you. Instead of facilitating your movement, I am blocking it. Don’t look at me at all. Look at your conditioning, and take one step. I have also just taken a series of tiny steps, and I am continuously taking them. Just as you are on your own journey, I too am. And there are just small steps that you have to take and I have to take.

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