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Why do people show off? || Neem Candies
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You go to a shop, and how do you buy clothes? Good to touch, good to wear, and should appear expensive, shouldn’t appear cheap. This is what you do when you want to select a piece of cloth. And what would you do when you would want to select a husband? The same three conditions: “Good to look at; when I wrap it around me, it should be comfortable; and when he walks with me, he shouldn’t appear cheap”—because it is the same mind.

The way you behave in a clothes shop is a reflection of your entire life. Don’t you see that? The way you select your garments is the way you select everything else in life. If in selecting garments you are an exhibitionist—“Can I have something a little more low-neck please? Can I have something which is a little more up the thighs please?”—you will be an exhibitionist when it comes to the boyfriend also: “See, my new puppy!”

Just as you display your new dresses, you will display your boyfriend as well. Have you not seen mothers do that? “My new baby!” People display their cars, they display their houses, they also display their wives and babies—because it is the same mind.

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