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Not the object of the thought, the thought itself is the issue || Acharya Prashant (2014)
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Acharya Prashant: You may think of yourself whatever you want to, whatever pleases you, but no thought will bring fulfillment to you. So you can think of yourself as the non-dual Truth! Keep thinking. Continue!

It is not the object of thought but thought itself which is the disturbance. It does not matter what the object of thought is.

Someone is thinking about Jalebi (a famous sweet of India) ; someone is thinking about Moksha . One is thinking about sex, the other is thinking about Samadhi .

It doesn’t matter what you are thinking about. To differentiate between thoughts is just morality. One thought is good, one thought is bad; One thought is low, one thought is high. Thought itself is the nemesis.

Thought itself is the nemesis! Not the object of thought as such.

You keep thinking of whatever you want. That is why Ashtavakra was saying that “ Only those who see a second, keep thinking that I am Brahma.” I don’t even think. You remember the word ‘*Chintayati (thinking)*? That ‘thinking’ is the issue, not ‘what’ you are thinking. The thinking; the thought!

And he is saying, “Only those with weak intelligence do all this. Only those whose intelligence is clouded, do all this.” They think that there are some good, beneficial thoughts, which if cultivated, will help them.

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