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Your life is full of ghosts ||Neem Candies
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All your life your experiences have fooled you, right? When you looked at that woman, you experienced pure love; next year, you were filing for divorce. What happened to that experience?

Don’t you know how your experience fools you all the time? Don’t you see the most beautiful woman in the world standing in front of you in the form of your girlfriend? Don’t you call her the most beautiful woman in the world? That’s the capacity of your seeing.

We are people who live in self-delusion all the time. Even when we are looking at normal people, we are actually imagining. We are seeing ghosts all the time. What is a ghost? That which does not exist and yet appears to exist.

Even your girlfriend is a ghost actually, because the way you look at her, she really is not. She is an object of your imagination, and that becomes clear when you develop an intimacy; and therefore there is friction and all those things.

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