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Easy is easy but do you like the easy? || Acharya Prashant (2017)

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Questioner: Everything seems to be very easy like child’s play.

Acharya Prashant: Depends on whether we let it remain easy. It is easy, as easy as breathing, as easy as picking this petal up, as easy as loving.

But mankind had a way of complicating the easiest. Is not Love the most complicated thing that happens to a man? Don’t we entangle that which is the straightest? Don’t we make a mess of all that which is simply direct? Don’t we create a distance from that which is always available?

So it is easy, but the question is - For whom? If you are the one who has a love for ease, then it is easy. But if you are someone who has become too trained in complications then you will not like it if it is easy. You see, if it is easy for you, it gives you nothing to boast about. You feel that you have achieved something only if you have a problem in front of you, only if you have a complication in front of you.

Man loves problems, that is why man creates problems. Unless you have problems, how will you prove that you are somebody? When there is a problem and you have a sense of overcoming it, then not only do you overcome the problem, you also gain existence. “You see I am the one who did that and reached there.”

Easy-ness does not give you anything to take credit for. You go to someone and say, “I have only done that in my life which is so easy.” He will say, “So, who are you?” And you tell someone that "I have moved mountains, I have won battles, I have fought against odds, even to breathe, I have learnt algorithms, I know complete manual on loving, I have been taught how to sit" and he will say, “Great master, what do you want? Kindly sit on the throne. You see, the great master knows how to see, he knows how to breathe, he knows how to eat.”

Easy is easy but do you like the easy?

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