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The Profit beyond profits
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Questioner: Talking about the theme that we have today – The Profit beyond profits. In management, we learn about how to maximize profit. And, you talk about going beyond profits. So what does going beyond profits mean?

Acharya Prashant: See, when we talk of material profits, profits in the commercial, financial sense, they are all for the sake of the one who will benefit from those profits, who will enjoy those profits, right? So, profits obviously are not an end in themselves.

A lot of times, yes, material profits do bring about an enhancement in the quality of life of the profiteer, of the one who is making the profit. But, equally, I would rather say, more often than not, profits fail to bring about the inner change that was required of them. One doesn’t just go about trying for profits, harvesting profits for nothing. One wants something through those profits. It is important to keep checking whether that which we want from profits is indeed being delivered by the profits. So that’s the primary Profit: The Profit beyond profits. It needs to be kept in mind.

What is happening to me, in what so ever persuasion I am, be it industry, be it my personal universe, what so ever I am doing, what is it that the stuff is really bringing to me? It sounds obvious but it is very easy to lose sight of this, right? That is what is meant by Profit beyond profits.

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