Learn from insights into Acharya Prashant's life and work

AP Circle

AP Circle helps you to stay connected with Acharya Prashant on regular basis. It is envisioned to be an unlimited newsfeed of wisdom content to help you learn from insights into Acharya Prashant’s life and work.

Your exclusive AP wisdom feed will consist of:

ap candid

AP Candids

Acharya Prashant has been traveling non-stop for 15+ years, touching millions of individuals through his camps, live sessions, and events.

AP Circle will give you a sneak-peak into what goes behind the scenes with rare and unseen images from Acharya Prashant’s travels and day-to-day happenings.

ap suggestions

AP Suggests

Our teacher at heart is the most humble student who loves to spend his time with quality literature, movies, songs, and other forms of media.

AP Circle will enrich your day with regular recommendations in these fields directly from Acharya Prashant.

ap anecdotes

AP Anecdotes

Life around Acharya Prashant is always full of zeal and vibrance. Stories from Acharya Prashant’s past, how the work has evolved over the years has been a source of inspiration to many.

AP Circle will give you access to a first-hand account of all such incidents to inspire you to stay put in your journey.

Sometimes you stay away and complain that the Teacher can’t show you the way.

Sometimes you come close and find that the Teacher is the way.

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