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Man needs no God || Neem Candies
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Man was never so powerful with respect to his environment as he is today. No virus can harm you; no bacteria can harm you; there are no plagues, no black deaths. You can produce as many objects as you want, you can order them at the click of a button; everything is home delivered. Was it ever this way in human history?

Man is determining when man would be born. Man is determining how man would look like. Man is also just about to determine his death. Saints talk so much about death in order to remind people of God; now death is no more a big scare. External reasons to go towards God are no more there, so God is out. There is very little to make you acknowledge your limits and smallness; there is very little to make you bow down, and therefore traditional religion is failing.

Today’s religion has to talk purely of the inner reason.

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