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Acharya Prashant
To demolish all that is false
Acharya Prashant is a spiritual teacher rooted in Advait Vedanta. His unique spiritual literature is at par with the highest words that mankind has ever known. Equally, one could simply call him a teacher beyond any tradition.
He is a veganism promoter, an environmental activist, a science activist, a campaigner against superstition, and a champion of essential human freedom.
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Our Journey
Today, the mission of Acharya Prashant has touched the lives of tens of millions of individuals. Through his direct contact with people and through various internet-based channels, he continues to bring clarity to all.
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Institutional Talks

Acharya Prashant loves interacting with the dynamic and vibrant youth, and has a profound faith in their ability to effectuate significant changes.
He delivers regular talks at illustrious educational institutes, including prestigious organizations such as IITs and IIMs.
With over 100+ college appearances and interactions with thousands of enthusiastic students, Acharya Prashant has left an indelible impression.
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Live Sessions

These live sessions with Acharya Prashant present a golden opportunity to explore the depths of love and attain the heights of knowledge that we all yearn for. Abandon not this rare chance, for opportunities of such magnitude seldom grace our lives twice.

AP Books

Unique literature shedding light on Vedanta and various spiritual streams, youth awakening, women empowerment, restlessness, love, relationship, environmental crisis and other important topics
Here are 140+ books. These books are compilation of Acharya Prashant's talks in past 15 years.
Millions have found light through them. Truth beckons, respond to its call.
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The mark of a good word is that it takes you to silence.

Video Series

To a roaring spirit yearning for freedom and joy, Acharya Prashant's discourses come as a solace.
Thousands of hours of sessions on various scriptures and life topics (in the light of Vedanta) have been compiled and structured in the form of 300+ video series.
These video series are aimed at liberating the troubled mind from the shackles of ignorance and suffering.
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All spirituality is the discipline to eliminate the unnecessary.
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