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How to practice dhyāna? || Neem Candies
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It is a very common and a very harmful misconception to take dhyāna as something. Dhyāna is nothing. Dhyāna is not an object. Dhyāna is not a thing. Dhyāna is not a routine, not a practice, not an exercise. Dhyāna , rather, is on all these things. Dhyāna is what enables you to know and see all these properly. Dhyāna is not one of these things.

If the eyes are kept open, then there is the world that attracts. If the eyes are closed, then there is an inner world of thoughts and memories. Then how to practice dhyāna ? Dhyāna is to probe those meanings. When dhyāna looks sharply at stuff to know what stuff really is, stuff disappears and reality shines.

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