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Biggest sex trap of all—avoid at all costs || Neem Candies
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Acharya Prashant
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The truth is exposing itself in every single sexual encounter of yours, and yet we close our eyes to it. In fact, if you really look into it, repeated sexual activity is probably needed because you know that you didn’t get much from it the last time. That tells so much about you. That tells what you value in life. You do not value anything in life. You just value carnal pleasure. You took it where you got it.

When you are going only for the body, you realize that what you want from the body won’t really come from the body. What you are really seeking to get is something that the body really is not designed to give. And look at the horror: the body is disappointing millions, billions of couples every night, every morning. We live in deep ignorance about ourselves.

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