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Killing people is not right, Krishna, I will not fight
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Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, Chapter–1, Shlok 44–47
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The first chapter tells about what all is not right. The ensuing 17 chapters are a very compassionate attempt to set right what is not right.

Arjuna is talking of hell and heaven. Also, he is tensed for women that after battle the women will marry lower caste men and Varnsankar will be born. Arjuna doesn't want to fight out of attachment and fear. Now, Krishna has to purify the mind of Arjuna with a solid dose of Vedanta.

Looking at the verses with great attention is very important. Gita is here to destroy Arjuna blind beliefs, superstition and religious dogma. This is the real Gita for you.

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