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Fear of Dhritarashtra and Duryodhana
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Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, Chapter–1, Shlok 1–13
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The first chapter starts with a question of Dhritarashtra. The question doesn't depict curiosity rather shows attachment to his son Duryodhana, asking what did my people and Pandavas do?

Dhritarashtra said, 'my people and Pandavas', Isn't Dhritarashtra discriminating against his sons and Pandavas out of attachment?

Why did Dhritarashtra fear from Pandavas even though they are less in number? Why Gita started with only Dhritarastra's question?

We very well know that the army of Duryodhana is far larger than that of Pandavas and still we see, as we proceed to next verse, the conversation between Drona and Duryodhana shows lack of courage in Duryodhana.

Out of fear he told Drona to protect Bhishma.But why is Duryodhana fearing the army of Arjuna and Krishna?

The answer is simple: when you don't have truth in your heart, you have fear in your mind.

With Acharya Prashant, we will understand and decode each verse in the light of Vedant.

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