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Krishna is the saviour when Arjuna shows perplexed behaviour
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Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, Chapter–1, Shlok 21–41
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Although Arjuna's mind is still filled with wordly affiliation, Krishna is with him. He says: Take my chariot in the middle, I want to see both the armies. Arjuna doesn't say would you mind waiting for it here for a while. I have some sightseeing to do. This shlok gives us a clue how to operate when the world starts meaning too much to you.

Arjuna is seeing his guru, brothers and relatives in the battlefield and he doesn't want to kill anyone as his memories of attachment are troubling him. Wouldn't it also happen with us when we want to go after the truth, our body resists and shows an array of emotions and fear.

So, now you know why we need Krishna and why Gita should be a top priority for everyone. We all are like Arjuna.

Attached, Deluded and Body Centered!

It is sin to identify yourself as flesh and it is sin to look others as a body not consciousness. Since Arjuna is so bodily identified that he is unable to see his relatives beyond body.

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