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Leading from the Heart
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Leading from the Heart is the first course from the series on Leadership Courses with Acharya Prashant. This course is a practical guide to giving a spiritual basis to your work or team as a Leader. It's a conversation between Acharya Prashant and a team of business leaders based in London, who put forth the most fundamental questions a Leader struggles with every day:

  1. What is Leadership?
  2. What does it take to lead a team of individuals?
  3. Can you really be a leader at your workplace if you are not one in other walks of life?
  4. How does one find the right people to work for them?
  5. How does one align the goals of an individual with the goals of the organization?
  6. What is meant by enlightened self-interest?

Join this course with Acharya Prashant, and start your journey towards the Superconscious Leadership that is rooted in spirituality and ancient wisdom.

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