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Work at PrashantAdvait Foundation
We believe in the power of individuals to effect transformation on a global scale.
We are on a mission with the objective to demolish falseness and promote a scientific as well as spiritual attitude towards life.
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card image Acharya Prashant's Sessions Get the opportunity to attend Acharya Prashant's Sessions.
card image Unleash Your Potential Your potential is boundless, and we are here to help you reach its highest peak.
card image Innovation and Creativity Have the freedom to explore, experiment, and bring your creativity to the forefront.
card image Diverse Challenges Encounter exciting and sometimes audacious projects that will help you grow personally and professionally.
card image Fearless Culture We foster a culture that encourages courage, resilience, and the pursuit of excellence.
card image Mentorship and Support A supportive network of colleagues who help you in not just traversing the path but also growing with it.
Mission Outreach
Bringing people closer to the Acharya Prashant's teachings. Making sure that they become a part of our ecosystem and help raise resources for the mission.
Build features for Acharya Prashant App and Website. Feature like Gita Feed, Ebook, Audiobook and Video Streaming platform, Search and Recommendation System, and Paperback Ordering Platform are being used by millions of users. Opportunity to work with highly experienced people from companies like Apple, Uber, Microsoft and engineers from IITs.
Video Editing
Imagine editing videos for a Youtube channel with a mammoth 55 million+ subscribers! Acharya Prashant's profound teachings have the power to liberate minds from the chains of ignorance and suffering. And these teachings are amplified by the visual narratives that video editors, like YOU, can craft.
Join Acharya Prashant's Books Publishing Department and be a catalyst in spreading profound teachings to millions worldwide! With a staggering 25 million followers, Acharya Prashant's teachings are creating ripples of transformation. We invite a detail-oriented and industrious individual like you to be a vital part of our expanding team.
Experience the exhilaration of breaking boundaries.
Embrace your boldest self.
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We are not just looking for employees;
we're searching for warriors.
Come, join the fight!
And be part of a team that's unafraid to make a difference in the world!
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