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The Truth is restless; it wants to speak
and wants to speak in your language,
but there is a problem...

Acharya Prashant Tamil
Acharya Prashant Telugu

These are the new channels of your Foundation. If you are Tamil-speaking or Telugu-speaking, then you will clearly see that the voice and the movement of Acharya Ji's lips in the videos of these channels are completely mismatched. At some places, everything even seems ridiculous.

But what to do! Tamil-speaking friends demand that Acharya Ji should speak in Tamil. So, we are doing whatever we can.

The question arises: why is dubbing and sound-editing so suboptimal on these channels? Because good artists, translators, and editors demand fair industry rates for dubbing videos from Hindi to Tamil. What is that rate? That rate is one thousand rupees per minute. Find out if you want.

Every month we upload 1500 minutes of new content on the Hindi channel. And in total, there are 3 lakh minutes of videos only on major Hindi channels. If we make all this available to our Tamil brothers in Tamil, then the expenditure will be Rs 30 crores. And even if new videos are dubbed every month only in the Tamil language, it still costs Rs 15 lakh per month. If this work is done in multiple languages, the cost is manifold.

There is a need to get these videos dubbed in major Indian languages – Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada. It should be possible that these are dubbed in major languages of the world also. But the rates there are amazing.

So, on your demand, we have started Tamil and Telugu channels. But we are doing this work through AI. With the help of AI software, doing all this costs Rs 350 per minute instead of Rs 1000. So we settled for the most cost-effective option.

But the consequences of settling cheap are in front of you. The video is strange. We felt hesitant, rather ashamed, but we published this video anyway. Now there is going to be a queue of such cheap dubbing videos.

This work cannot be postponed while waiting for good dubbing. These words are among the highest words uttered in the history of humanity. These will have to be made available to the entire nation and the world.

Your Foundation has already put in every last drop of its efforts and resources in publicity work, setting up a new office, and a powerful IT system for your learning. But the important work cannot be postponed. We learned this from Acharya Ji.

Now if you want to listen to Acharya Ji in your own language, then you will have to gather resources for that. If you want his voice to reach the whole world, then you will have to give proof of your desire.

And even if we don't get help from you, we will still do whatever we can.

For Online Publicity

We're all part of Acharya Ji's vibrant online community, with the Foundation actively engaging on over 40 social media platforms. Acharya Ji's teachings are prolific, with over 25,000 videos on YouTube alone. Despite our consistent posting schedule, daily publicity is crucial to ensure these teachings reach you.

Here's a fact: The Foundation invests a whopping 3 lacs per day on ads and publicity, driven by the vision to bring Acharya Ji's wisdom to every individual. Your contribution directly fuels this mission, connecting more people and spreading the light of wisdom.

For Video Production Department

Acharya Ji's YouTube channels boast an impressive library of over 25,000 videos, benefiting around 10 crore people in the past year. To deliver these teachings at their best, we require top-notch equipment and a dedicated video editing team.

Consider this: The Foundation allocates more than 10 lacs per month to maintain and expand this repository. Your donation plays a vital role in preserving and presenting these timeless teachings in the most impactful way.

For Free Advisory Department

Every month, thousands seek guidance through our enquiry form, looking to connect with Acharya Ji's teachings. With a team of over 70 advisors, we're making strides, but the sheer volume of seekers surpasses our current capacity.

Your contribution can make a difference by supporting the expansion of this advisory team, enabling us to reach and help more individuals seeking wisdom.

For IT Department

Acharya Ji's teachings reach millions through eBooks, video series, and various digital platforms, including 2 apps and 4 websites with over a million monthly active users.

You have the power to contribute to the maintenance and development of these platforms, ensuring the seamless delivery of Acharya Ji's teachings to a global audience. Your support is the cornerstone of our digital outreach, shaping the future of wisdom dissemination.

Your donation is not just a gift; it's an investment in the amplification of Acharya Ji's teachings, reaching hearts and minds across the globe. Join us in this transformative journey by contributing today!