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Will you be my diapoo? || Neem Candies

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Acharya Prashant

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Most people never evolve beyond their psychological age of three, four, ten, or twelve years. So they have to be consoled like kids.

If a two-year-old is crying, you cannot talk reason to him, can you? What does a two-year-old need? You pick him up, caress him a little, kiss him twice on the forehead, rock him a little, and then he will be convinced that he is loved: “I am not abandoned or orphaned. In this world, there is somebody who loves me; he just picked me up and kissed me. I have support.” This is alright with a two-year-old. It is not alright with somebody who is twenty.

But, even at the age of twenty, most people aspire for this kind of a support. “Come, take me in your arms, offer me your shoulders, be my diapoo. Honey, will you be my diapoo?” ‘Diaper’ is just too formal. In love and support, it’s ‘diapoo’!

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