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Why women should be liberated of biology and history: understand women || Neem Candies
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Ignorance starts from the body itself.Even in a well-educated and spiritually liberated woman, the desire for a kid would probably be relatively larger compared to that in a man.What we want to talk of is whether the compulsive desire to keep the kid and the family at the center of her life is necessary.

These things are absent in your life—fearlessness, love, Truth. When the relationship has a lot of love, then you are not afraid to be blunt because you know the other one will understand. But when the most important values are missing, and there is a lot of fear, and there is a chronic need for security, then you don’t open up.

If we indeed are caged consciousnesses yearning for freedom, then neither the womanly values nor the manly ones take us to our liberation.

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