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When you love victory || Neem Candies
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When you are serious about victory, you do not strike at the enemy without being fully prepared. Those who just plunge themselves into battles without having checked their preparedness are the ones who don’t love victory too much. Because this battle is important, and because this battle must be won, therefore one must not make rash decisions.

If you want to hit a six, you don’t attempt that on every ball, do you? You wait to get settled, and you wait for the bowler to make a mistake, at least some mistake. So, you have all these things in your calculation, and the moment comes when you lash out—that is, if you are serious about winning the match. If you just want to have your two seconds of bravado, then you can do anything—dance at the ball, slog, miss, clean bowled.

In youthful idealism, one rushes into decisions without being able to sustain them. Whatever you do must be sustainable.

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