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When the sex urge is overwhelming, remember this || Neem Candies
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“I have to eat to satisfy my body, so why can’t I use contraception and have sex with a woman and not procreate?”

This is such a bad analogy. They say sex is like food, both are physical needs. No sir, please! Sex is not like food. No, no, no. It’s a big choice. And it is a flawed comparison that just as we want food, we also want sex. No.

Food is not something that will give you company. Food is not conscious; food is something on your plate. Whereas, your mate is conscious. Food you consume and you are done with it; you cannot consume your partner and be done with her. And when you are consuming your food, it won’t speak to you, it won’t look into your eyes. Your partner looks into your eyes and does something to your consciousness.

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