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Unconditional love || Neem Candies
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Our love is always a product of conditions and proceeds only as long as conditions remain favorable. It hurts to hear this, because we want to claim and we have professed in front of our loved ones many a times that “I will keep loving you till eternity” and, you know, such and such things. You obviously know how fraudulent these statements are. I need not elaborate.

This is conditional love. Love will exist only as long as certain conditions are being maintained. The moment those conditions are not being maintained, love will go for a toss.

Unconditional love is possible indirectly between two human beings, and that is the only way. That is when both of them are devoted to the One. You are in love with That, he is also in love with That, and because both of you are in love with That, so indirectly both of you have come to love each other.

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