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The girl’s role is to be pretty || Neem Candies
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Just watched this movie, Chichore . It is based on IIT Bombay. In the campus, there is one girl in a batch of forty boys. But the girl’s only contribution in the whole story is that she is extremely beautiful, and all the guys are after her. So, in the whole story, boys have importance because they are playing, struggling, winning, and the girl is getting importance because she is beautiful. And the story continues like that.

There is a reunion in a sad situation; that girl is now married to one of them, so she is also present there. They are all IIT batchmates, and what the movie is showing is that all boys are reminiscing old memories of their campus, and their female batchmate cooking in the kitchen says, “Guys, dinner is ready!”

We have instilled this thought very deeply into the women, that “Look, you are only valuable when you either become beautiful or do the household chores like cooking, making babies, etc.” Females have also accepted this. This is a major accident with them.

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