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Only Silence communicates fully; let words come from Silence || On Raman Maharishi (2015)
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Questioner (Q): (Referring to a text) Sir, it is written here, “Silence is ever speaking. It is the perennial flow of language.” How is ‘Silence’, a perennial flow of language?

Acharya Prashant (AP): What is language?

Q: Language is a medium of communication.

AP: Communication. What is the use of communication?

Q: To convey ideas or concepts, from one person to another.

AP: A deeper use? Why do you want to convey anything to anybody?

Q: So that they can understand.

AP: What if they understand something? What will happen?

Q: They may be able to do something which they were not able to do.

AP: What does that mean to ‘you’?

Q: They will become more useful, in some form.

AP: How does that help ‘you’? What does it mean to ‘you’?

Q: It means that they will become more in line with my thoughts.

AP: What does that mean to ‘you’? Why do you want to have them aligned with your thoughts?

Q: Sometimes it is because we want someone to understand.

AP: That you have said. So, we don’t want to run around in circles. You have said that you want them to understand you. Why do you want anybody to understand you?

Q: Because there is something within us, it may be a collection of emotions or feelings, which is seeking an outlet.

AP: Alright. What if that fellow doesn’t understand you?

Q: Then we will not feel very right about it.

AP: How will you feel?

Q: We will feel misunderstood. I will feel misunderstood.

AP: So that will keep you…?

Q: In tension, or anxiety.

AP: So, you communicate, so as to…?

Q: To release that inner tension, or inner anxiety.

AP: So, you communicate for Peace.

Q: Yes.

AP: Language is communication. Communication is for…?

Q: Peace.

AP: (Referring to Ramana Maharishi) What is Maharishi saying there?

Q: Maharishi is saying, “Silence is ever speaking. It is the perennial flow of language.”

AP: Silence is language. And we just said, “Language is communication. Communication is Peace.” So, all that he is saying is that “Silence is…”

Q: Peace.

AP: Clear? That which cannot be expressed through words is expressed in Silence. And That which cannot be expressed in words is immensely important. You require a special language because that deserves a special language. That special language is Silence. Hence, Silence is the most eloquent expression.

That day I was saying, “If you want to say something, then use words. But if you want to say everything, then remain silent.”

Words can only communicate this much, a small portion. They can never take the totality of your Being. You are too large, and words are too small. Have you not seen this happen, that in moments when the ego is sublimated, overpowered, dissolved in tears, you find yourself tongue-tied, you can’t speak? Have you not had experiences like these?

Q2: This Silence is not only this – not-talking, because I can be silent, and yet my mind can totally be running around.

AP: Mostly it happens this way. When you are not talking to others, you are busy talking to yourself.

Q3: That’s why I am not talking, because I am thinking.

AP: In fact, usually, when you are not talking to others, the purpose itself is to talk to yourself. Don’t you say, “Give me a minute, let me collect my thoughts. Let me make up my mind”? What are all these?

Q2: Self conversations.

AP: It’s an internal dialogue. Let’s call it, a multi-logue. Mind is a chatterbox.

Q4: Sir there was a statement in this statement, “Spiritual activity is will asserted, and re-asserted.” I could not understand this.

AP: When a saint talks of ‘will’, he is not referring to ego’s desire. He is referring to ‘free-will’. Free will is not yours. Spiritual activity is Grace shining upon you – that’s all that is meant. Spiritual activity is the will of the beyond, otherwise you can’t move into spiritual activity. You can move into lots of other activities – eating, sleeping, all these things you can do out of your own desire. But you cannot go to the scriptures, or to a Guru, out of your own will. For that, divine Grace is needed.

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