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Love you as you are? || Neem Candies
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Acharya Prashant
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Is your lover enfeebling you, enslaving you, or empowering you? Ask yourself.

Somebody who limits you, cages you, mostly in the name of care, cannot be your friend, let alone lover.

Somebody who allows you to comfortably exist with your weaknesses cannot be a worthy lover.

Somebody who doesn’t challenge your falsenesses cannot be your lover.

Somebody who says, “Oh, I love you as you are” just cannot be your lover. Run away!

Your lover has to be somebody who keeps refusing you forty times a day. How can you be with someone who says, “No, I like you as you are—dull, gloomy, ignorant”? Just run away. Don't even wait for the cab—just run away!

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