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Immerse yourself in the right action || Neem Candies
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Immerse yourself in the right action, and then where is the space and the time to worry? Surely you are stealing time away from work so that you can indulge in worries and anxieties and fancies of all kinds.

Young people fantasize, don’t they? Some fantasize about beautiful, pretty, exciting things; others fantasize of scary demons. But fundamentally it is much the same thing, is it not? You are using your faculty of imagination to gratify yourself in some way. That’s what imagination of all kinds, whether the so-called positive imagination or negative imagination—that’s the purpose they all serve: they take you away from the fact of your life.

So, you are busy imagining that something very inauspicious, very scary can happen to you in the future. Indirectly, what you are asserting is that presently you are alright. Are you alright?

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