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‘I want’ versus ‘I must’ || Neem Candies
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These are two words that you must be very careful about, ‘want’ and ‘must’, ‘I want to do this thing’ versus ‘I must do this thing’—these are dimensionally different statements. All ‘want’ is conditioned. ‘Must-ness’ is an entirely different thing.

“This must be done. And in front of this it doesn’t matter what I feel, how I think, what my ideals are, what my situations and conditions are. This must be done irrespective of everything.”

The one who starts living, abiding in this ‘must-ness’ starts living at the pinnacle of life. Now it is a different zone of existence altogether. Now you have just silently achieved all the spiritual goods. Detachment? You have achieved. Renunciation? You have achieved. Witnessing? Yes, you are there. Dispassion? Yes, you are there. Commitment, determination, surrender? Yes, all of them become available to you.

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