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How can one help in Acharya Prashant's mission? || Acharya Prashant (2019)
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Questioner: Pranaam Acharya Ji!

To me personally, the most recent Vishranti Camp was special, because, among other things, the Master spoke of one of the main projects of this life and extended an open invitation towards work, that came straight from the Source.

Ever since that camp, one of the main things that has been playing on my mind is – how can I be of help in this socio-spiritual revolution that you spoke of? What next? What are the challenges involved? Where do we start from?

This goal is super-audacious, but can only be tackled with the clarity of a living Master. Is full-time involvement in the work, a must? Or, can I get started for now from a remote place, and then, later on, convert into a full-timer?

Acharya Prashant: Ashwin (the questioner), start-off. Start-off immediately. With your limits, with all your limitations and situations, start off.

Strength does not lie in starting out in a big way. Strength lies in starting out, right now, even if in a feeble way.

Don’t wait.

Part-time, full-time, these are not very important questions. What matters is your commitment that cannot bear to wait.

There has to be a ferocity in Devotion. There has to be a sense of urgency if you really appreciate what this work is all about.

If you really see the urgency, then you will say, “I have to do something. I cannot wait for a better day. I cannot wait to get better, and then begin.” And as you take the first step, the next one will become clear. And as you take the second step, you will come to know of the third.

You know what we are up against, so in a sense, you know the destination. Once you know the destination, all you need to know is the one step that you need to take, right now. What would that step lead to? That you don’t need to bother about.

If the first step is genuine, even if it is small, it will lead to the next one. Begin!

There is a little group of people, I suppose eight-ten or fifteen people are there, associated with the work of the foundation, in your vicinity. See what can be done. We have discussed the pressing issues at length.


As you start-off, the enormity of the challenge will reveal itself to you even more.

Prick the monster a little, so that it shows its face and might to you.

Then you will know what you are up against, and then you will have more clarity, and therefore lucidity about the next step.

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