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Holika was a smart woman || Neem Candies
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Yes, Holika… Not to miss out on her. A smart woman, no? A smart woman with extraordinary powers. And it’s her smartness that brought her to flames. That’s a very important message to be remembered. The more smart you are, the more clever you are, the more are the chances that your own smartness will destroy you.

It is very important to see when cleverness turns into cunningness. And that happens very frequently, very easily, very unnoticeably. You do not even know when you have turned cunning. If you are cunning, your own powers will destroy you.

What turned Holika into ash? Her own plans, her own designs. She thought she was being smart. She thought she would succeed. She thought it’s Prahalad who would be killed, and see what happened: she got killed. Smartness got killed. Smartness turned out to be quite dumb!

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