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Go for broke || Neem Candies
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One of the things in the Japanese manufacturing philosophy is JIT, ‘Just in Time’. They say that inventory hides mistakes, so we will not carry any inventory. Everything has to be just in time. The process has to be lean enough, smart enough, and efficient enough.

For example, a video is to be published every day. I will not keep any inventory of videos ready to be published, because if that is there, and even if I miss producing videos on two days in the week, still it will not show up because I had a buffer and I published from that buffer. So, I will not keep any buffer. No inventory. You produce every day, you publish every day. This is ‘Just in time’. ‘Just in time’-philosophy affords no flaws.

Keep no inventory. Let the challenge be huge. No backups, no buffers, no security cushions, none at all. Because if they exist, they will hide your flaws.

So, what do you do if you want to improve? You remove all cushions, all security, all inventory. You play barechested. You go for broke. It’s all or nothing.

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