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Find something overwhelmingly beautiful, and you wont need to concentrate || Acharya Prashant (2015)
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Question: Why can’t I concentrate on anything?

Shri Prashant: Because those things are not worth concentrating. When you will meet something that deserves all your immersion , then you will not be left to ask this question. So, till the time you are not meeting that, it is good that you are not hitching up with the wrong kind of things. Is it not? It is good that you are unable to concentrate.

Far worse is the situation of those who are able to concentrate. And see what kind of things people are able to occupy themselves with. Somebody is staring at a computer screen, concentrating terribly hard on the movement of the share prices – he is so concentrated! Somebody is watching pornography. Look at the way his eyes have become glued to the screen – so deeply concentrated! Somebody is driving at one hundred and fifty kilometres an hour, concentrating hard. Somebody is going through his bank statement and nothing else matters in this moment.

Do you want to concentrate? Really? On these things? And there are only these kinds of things. What else is there? If you are a student, then you will probably talk of books and such things. But, what else is the knowledge contained in those books?

Get That! Get that ‘right’ thing – which we are calling as a ‘thing’ for want of a better word. Maybe, it is so attractive, so enamouring that you will be helpless in front of it, that you will be unable to prevent yourself from concentrating, that even concentration will become a meek word. Then what do we call it? Then we call it submersion. Then we call it sublimation. Then concentration is such a petty word that we don’t even use it. And then in that state, whatever you do, you won’t need to concentrate.

As we have said before also, when you are with the Lover, then the world appears lovable. Then you don’t have to concentrate. Then everything is just alright. Whatever you do, you do with a certain rhythm. Everything feels like falling in its proper place, automatically, effortlessly.

Don’t force yourself to concentrate. If you can’t concentrate, just know that this is not That.

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