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Fearless action is your nature || Acharya Prashant (2016)
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Question: Sir,I find I have so much resistance to this place and I have no idea why. Kindly help.

Acharya Prashant: You may have an idea as well, it doesn’t matter. If you try hard enough, you will get some idea. Mind does not like a vacuum, it will offer some explanation. How will that help? There are so many things that we resist, yes? That’s it.

Listener 1: Does it has to do anything with ego?

AP: You already know! Do you see that you still want to ask? I could have easily said that “You know, the resistance is coming from the ego.” I didn’t say! And then you are prompting me to say!

“Is it the ego? Is it the ego? Would you call it the ego?”

Why should I call it the ego? You already know that it is the ego.

L1: Why?

AP: (Smiles) Because you want it to remain as such.

L1: Why do I not feel this resistance at other places?

AP: Because there you want that to remain as such. Other places, the ego finds nourishment; here, probably, it is not finding that. You already know all this. Why do you just want me to validate, huh?

L1: I am not sure.

AP: You are sure. Don’t try to be unsure. (Smiles)

L1: You said that I have so many judgments on people.

AP: You can keep judging people. There is nothing wrong with that. But judge rightly. Let the Truth judge for you. If ego will judge then it will only judge as per its conditioning. Let the Truth judge.

L1: I feel that the whole place is a spiritual circus.

AP: Of course, it is.


So? (Laughingly)

The whole world is a circus, what is the big deal in it? Of course, it is a spiritual circus. You want us to applaud for your observation?

L1: No!

AP: So what is the big deal? Yes, of course, it’s evident; everybody knows that. You have ring masters, you have lots of animals of various sizes, shapes, colours. You have public coming in. You have daily shows. You have fancy girls. You have magicians. You have people doing the rope trick, catching pigeons from thin air. Yes, of course.

L1: So, this place contains the Truth?

AP: No ‘place’ contains the Truth. If you know that this is spiritual circus, you must also know this — *Truth is not to be found in any particular place.* What are you doing here?

L1: That’s what I am asking myself!

AP: Enjoy the circus. (Smilingly) If you have come here for the Truth, you will just be left wondering…

Once you know that there is a circus, either be here or leave. Till the time the circus has a meaning for you, watch it!

When you say, “Eh! Fed up! Please!”, that’s it!

Of course, it’s a circus.

L2: Does being in nature has some benefit or is it just fun?

AP: Just fun!

Benefit for whom? Why do you want to benefit? We keep talking the language of deprivation! As if we are short of something so we must have some benefits.

What are you short of?

Why do you want to be benefitted?

Do you want to further complete the Complete?

L3: So we just need to reset our minds.

AP: *(Sarcastically)*You are so capable! You’ll be able to do all of that!

L3: No.

AP: You will reset your mind? Oh, well! Yeah, of course!

We have a nuclear power plant close by, go there and reset the whole power plant. Go!

L3: Seems to me, we have already reset that. The Truth is here, no place; but we are covered in layers and layers of conditioning.

AP: There is a chip that runs your car engine, you won’t even be able to reset that. But so casually you say, “Oh! We must reset our mind.”

Who are you? How do you do that?

Surrender is to say that even that I cannot do! And that is then a total full stop to all your activity. “I cannot bring in a new chip; I cannot reset the existing chip; I do not even know whether it is because of a chip. I know nothing.” And then, stuff happens. And I do not even know whether stuff would happen.

* Remember: Whatever you know, only gives you fear.*

When you do not know anything, then you become capable of great action. Great action!

Your fear comes from your knowledge. When you drop your belief in your knowledge, then you are capable of fearless action.

L4: What do you call a great action?

AP: What do you call as a small action, a petty action? What is a petty action? That caters only to your limited needs and hence cause suffering to you.

A great action is no special action, it is just that it is not petty!

Not petty!

Not coming from my fears and not in the direction of fears — that is a great action. It won’t be a loud action; it won’t necessarily be a very conspicuous action; ostensibly, it could be a very trivial action and yet great, if it is not arising from your petty self.

You’re passing by someone and in your joyful self, without any reason, without any thought, you just pat his back and walk past him — that is a great action. It means nothing! It does not even get registered in the memory. That person may or may not acknowledge you. You do not even want acknowledgement. But this is a great action because this was done without any expectation of result. It was not coming out of fear or greed. Hence, it is a great action. The small-big action! Yes?

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