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Does God exist?
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Question: What is God? Is it imagination or observation?

Answer: There was a group of people A who deeply believed in white. They worshipped white and denied black. They forgot the black background the white is written on. They declared that white is the absolute Truth.

There was a group of people B who deeply believed only in black. They worshipped black and denied white. They forgot the white which is written on black background. They declared that black is the absolute Truth.

Both these parties A and B once, just by chance, came across something that was neither black nor white, and simultaneously both black and white.

They obviously could not understand what it was.

A claimed it was white. A did not understand.B claimed it was black. B did not understand.

A and B were just eager to protect their petty beliefs. Religion and myths had conditioned their mind.Their ego was telling them that they know. They knew nothing because they insisted that they knew.

Till this date, A is debating in favour of white. B is debating in favour of black. They are quarrelling and fighting all over the world since centuries.

You are debating whether God ‘IS’. The question itself is invalid. God neither is nor is not. God does not exist and does not not exist. ‘Existence’ and ‘Is’ness are appropriate words for tables, chairs and bananas. Such debates on ‘Is’ness should therefore be only about tables, chairs and bananas.

-Based on my interactions on various e-forums.

Dated: 16th January,’15

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