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Cross the river and burn the bridges
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Question: What do I do to cross the river? To me, it is such a challenge. Acharya Prashant: Crossing the river is easy. Just hold the hand of someone who knows the other side, and cross.You have already crossed the river a thousand times with me.Your failure is elsewhere: You are not burning the bridges.Cross the river and burn the bridges.If you do not burn the bridge, rest assured, you will use that bridge.You have left too many unburnt bridges in your life. That is why you cross, and still, do not cross. You succeed, and yet remain failed.

Unless you have burnt down your options, the options will not let you live the Truth.

Merely crossing over is not sufficient. Do not cross over like a tourist, cross over like a native.Anybody who wants to distract and confuse you will keep giving you options. Know your enemy by this sign: He puts choices in your head. If options are there, they will be used one day. Have you burnt the damn bridge?

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