Why Everything You Know About It Is Wrong

Acharya Prashant


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THE MEANING OF KARMA stands distorted by centuries of misplaced and self-appeasing fictionalization. Karma remains a disquieting enigma to the few who refuse to accept compromised notions. This book is for them.

If to live rightly is to act rightly, then what is the right action? This has tormented us since ages. The scriptures answer this, but without stooping from their cryptic heights, nor do they advise how their ancient words apply to the present. Acharya Prashant's work provides the missing link. He imparts clarity, leaving nothing to conjecture or belief.

The book demolishes the myths surrounding action and decision by bringing the focus on the actor, rather than action. When we ask, “What to do?”, the book handholds us into “Who is the doer? What does he want from the deed?”. This shift provides the solutions, and finally the dissolution of the question.

The author bombards the high palaces of ubiquitous beliefs, and when they come crashing down, we discover they never had any foundations in truth. Meet this work not with armours of beliefs, but bare-chested, like a lover. If you can challenge the tyrannies of tradition and obscurantism, and greet the naked truth, you will love this book.