Words Into Silence

Not only must work be play, but play must also be work.

When you are working, you should be playful; and when you are gone out to play, and even in that moment, you must be working.

Acharya Prashant

Advait is a unique organisation working towards promoting intelligence and innocence among individuals through rigorous life-education. To this effect, Advait harnesses the power of scriptures and works of saints. More than a million individuals have so far benefited from Advait’s Development Programs and Learning Camps for students, faculty members, and professionals. Advait is, in the words of Acharya Prashant, a movement towards a new humanity.

To invite the Holistic Individual Development Program (HIDP) expert for details, discussion, to explore the services more and discover what fits your students, please get in touch with:

Shri Abhishek Agarwal




Student Development Program (SDP)

Advait ties up with schools, premier Engineering and Management Institutes to offer student and faculty development programs.

Today, there is a great demand for skilled aware professionals who have a good personality, effective communication skills and are knowledgeable about their environment.

Advait conducts Student Development Program (SDP) with professional students. SDP has various modules dealing with professional development, Awareness and opinion building, communication and self-presentation etc. The purpose of these modules is to help students grow as individuals, develop the power of critical thinking and, at a material level, secure better placements. It must be added that our programs greatly add to the brand of the partner institute.

Advait conducts Student Development Program (SDP) with professional students. SDP has various modules dealing with professional development, Awareness and opinion building, communication and self-presentation etc. The purpose of these modules is to help students grow as individuals, develop the power of critical thinking and, at a material level, secure better placements. It must be added that our programs greatly add to the brand of the partner institute.

Advait ties up with professional institutes to impart student development program to the entire batch on round-the-year basis. Our student development program becomes an integral part of the curriculum of the partner professional institute.

Our certification program and industry mentorship program is unique and make sure that students develop at optimal pace. In our certification program, students are graded as per their performance in the program. The certification program provides the right kind of incentives and penalties for the students to improve themselves and learn new skills. Besides it we place a group of student under an industry mentor with whom students can seek career guidance and resolve their apprehensions. Each and every student enrolled in our program is assigned an industry mentor.

Customized Student Development Modules

For those institutes that would not want a long term tie up for the personality development program may choose to involve us for specific personality development modules spanning 2-5 days. Our People at the Core of experts would conduct these modules at the institute's campus.

Student Development Workshops

We conduct 1-5 days students' workshops giving an overview of the latest happenings in the world of business and profession. These workshops provide novel perspectives to students and build their awareness. Some of the workshops that we conduct at professional educational institutes are as follows:

  • Unleashing Innate Creativity: Expression through Natural Arts
  • Building Character through Discovering Self
  • Passion, Pressure and Career choices
  • Being Entrepreneur: Defying the lure
  • Connecting with society beyond rhetoric
  • Education: What is the purpose? / Why are you getting educated?
  • Managing and Leading: The Fine Balance
For Schools :-

Our student development program for schools focuses upon developing wisdom, awareness and creativity among the students. The idea is to provide supplementary development program to students so that they can be better prepared for life. ​The program proceeds through creating conditions, and providing the young learners such exposures that trigger the unraveling of the condensed knowledge contained within her, and hence result in a natural, deep and sustainable learning.

Management Development Program(MDP)

Advait offers management development programs to managers and executives in the area of leadership and awareness development.

Theme of Advaits management development programs revolve around employee as an individual. We believe that recognition of employee as an individual not only resolves common organization problems but also unleashes true potential of employees.

Modern organizations function by orienting the energies of their employees in the direction of the organizational goal. This orientation may inadvertently cause the employee to compromise on her natural inclinations and aspirations. This becomes a source of conflict within the employee. Leadership development naturally becomes an arduous task in this situation.

Organizations need to understand that the Employee, the Manager and the People at the Core-player is first and foremost an Individual. Without self-awareness, even the most brilliant individual will be like a fast plane without radar to guide her. This self-awareness, when put in perspective in the context of the workplace, can do wonders by unlocking the inherent energy of the individual. Clearer understanding of the works consonance with ones life objectives and can help people nurture their individuality as well as draw more satisfaction out of their work.

Besides having following specific programs, we develop and deliver customized development programs suiting the needs of organization.

  • Evolving from Manager to Leader
  • Creativity Innovation for Business Excellence
  • Building Character through Discovering Self
  • Managerial Effectiveness and Communication

Our management development programs draws upon stories, excerpts from classics, movies, role plays, discussions and free-flow sessions. Literature is the bedrock of methodology in the programs conducted by Advait.

Literature, Human Nature and Leadership: Literature is an interpretation of human and social nature by the writer. Literature addresses the perennial questions of meaning, purpose, vision, values and existence. Great pieces of literature present the complexity of human relations, to enable the reader to interpret and come to his or her own conclusions. Its this interpretation that is the key to personal growth.

So how does the study of literature help in preparing for this role as leaders? It helps the readers learn to interpret life of themselves, of others. A serious study of great works of literature broadens ones viewpoint and helps in self development. It helps in attaining greater breadth and capacity to respect others opinions, and ability to put things in perspective and see a holistic picture. It also helps in attaining the versatility that allows one to switch from one subject to another and deal concurrently with many subjects. And finally, it gives greater ability to perceive, conceptually interpret and judge.

The ability to see the common thread linking all human endeavors and emotions, and the ability to keep in mind the bigger picture, the perspective, are closely linked. Literature helps build this holistic perspective by bringing in the simple yet eternally powerful techniques of story-telling and dramatization. Human beings have a great flair for stories. A story is the most basic and most effective way of weaving together different aspects of activity, thought and existence. The whole world exists but as a story inside the human psyche.

Join Us

Working at Advait is synonymous with commitment, energy, and flexibility - and of course a healthy dose of creativity. The work atmosphere here is dynamic, fast-paced, and thrives on innovation and creativity. Advait is an organization always on the look out for passionate people who believe in their individuality.

The desired candidate profile that we are looking for:


Should be an excellent communicator. Ability to develop original content and high degree creativity is required. An ability to interpret and apply literature (poems, stories) is most welcome.

In terms of MBA stream, HR/Marketing are likely to be a better fit.


Should be an inward-focused, self-development seeking individual. Problem-solving attitude is a must. High levels of motivation and value-clarity required.

The candidate must have a keenness for development of others. Should have a deep interest in holistic life-education. It’s not atypical corporate job and only those with off-beat life aspirations would enjoy it.


The candidates must be prepared for outstation travel and deployment.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Conducting Training Sessions- Based on topics like Awareness, Opinion Formation, Creativity,Individuality, Communication and Motivation.

2. Project management- The incumbent would be handling one or multiple projects including issues like quality assurance, logistics, relationship management and all other aspects of project management.

3. Business Development- At an appropriate stage, the incumbent would take up the responsibility of taking the concept of Advait to the market in order to generate Business.