Advait Life Education Foundation

A movement towards a new humanity!


Advait is a vision towards an integrated, evolved and sublime human being. Advait seeks to promote clarity, wisdom and integrity among individuals by addressing their self-awareness need. To this effect, Advait harnesses the power of ancient as well as contemporary wisdom literature.

Setup in 2006, Advait today is more of a self-clarity movement than an organisation. More than 100,000 individuals have so far benefited from Advait's touch.

Advait is, in the words of Acharya Prashant, a movement towards a new humanity.


Education is an exploration of the external world and the Self. While the prevalent education systems of today are well-designed to offer knowledge-based training, they lack in addressing the individual's need for wholesome development and oneness with the world. Every child is an inherently creative and divine being.

There is no set pattern of information/knowledge that can be deemed as sweepingly fit to be assimilated by all children of a particular age group. We define creativity as the spontaneous manifestation of this natural self of the child. It's an expression that the child relishes as her own. The sensitivity of the educator to these issues is paramount for they can teach only what they understand.

Real education takes the mind not outwards but inwards. Real education is about a mind that is able to understand its own processes. Why am I so insecure? Why am I always restless? Why can’t I be attentive? Why am I jealous? Why am I possessive? What is the quality of my relationships? What is Love? What is Joy? What is Truth? What is Freedom? A mind that cannot enquire into this is not an educated mind.

Acharya Prashant never tire of telling his audiences that if they keep all their education till date kept on one side, and the HCTP on the other, the HCTP will outweigh the rest of their education because the HCTP is not about objects, the HCTP is about them. The same mind that has always been forced to wander outside, the HCTP takes it inwards and that is far more important.

Truth, Love and Joy are not words to be borrowed from somebody, they are to be discovered within. The real freedom, the only freedom is the freedom of the mind and unless your education brings that to you, education is worthless. It can give you a few conveniences, which is alright but it is all superficial.


The process of development of an individual through a facilitator cannot be a bypassing effort. If the right approach isn't adopted, it will end up harming more than it could have ever helped.

Advait's facilitators completely realize the importance of bringing up the student as an intelligent, calm and effective individual, an individual who understands, sees things clearly, could relate and communicate well to the world. An individual who is immersed and has the ability to take the ownership of any and all roles he takes.

Furthering and appreciating the same, Advait drives on the 3C Paradigm. The approach, in order to get a healthy fruit, focuses rightly on the roots. The approach ensures that the development of the student is not limited to one aspect of life, not artificial, and is rooted.


    The root of everything I do! In order to act, and act right one must know the situation well, in deep attention. The program is well versed, researched and with highly valuable literary texts and activities which helps the audience see clearly.


    The way inner clarity expresses itself in the daily external transactions. My thoughts, responses and behaviour. Deep insight brings a strong character, character that is useful to the society, character that is productive.


    Character sprouting from the clarity communicates with the world with energy, directness, and surrender at the same time. Achievements in the form of fruits, relationships in the form of branches, shine in the form of leaves. A worldly man centred at spirituality


Advait Life-Education Foundation ties up with schools, premiere engineering and management institutes to offer Holistic Individual Development Program (HIDP).

What makes them unique is that these programs are not limited to the classrooms, and the erudition of the student too is not limited to technical and management field. It provides them a platform to work on themselves holistically.

Advait Life-Education Foundation also conducts development program for the faculty members and useful advices on academic structure in addition to HIDP. Program for faculty members can be based on topics ranging from ‘Case Method of Teaching’, ‘Creativity in Teaching’ to ‘Finding meaning as an Educator’.

Holistic Individual Development Program has successfully been transforming the lives of thousands of students through following aspects of its implementation:

  • Classroom module
  • Wisdom Literature for the youth
  • Youth Learning Camp
  • Nukkad Natak
  • Srajan - Art Exhibition
  • Being That! -Awareness Event
  • Deeksha - Literature Festival
  • CIC - Camp in Campus
  • Abhivyakti - Short Films
  • ECS - Evening Clarity Sessions

      Knowledge, Awareness and Opinionating

    1. Industry and Business Awareness
      Methodology: Exposing students to the different functions of business namely Finance, Marketing, Operations, HR etc. Discussions to be followed by quizzes, tests and free-flow dialogue.
      Benefits to students: Enhancing business awareness would prove extremely handy at the time of Group Discussions and Interviews.

    2. Current Social and Political Awareness
      Methodology: Industry-specific advance knowledge dealing with IT, Hardware, ITES, Pharma, Tourism, Bio-technology, Animation, Education, Creative Arts etc. Identifying the major social issues relevant in India and the rest of the world.
      Benefits to students: Being more aware about emerging industries and career choices to make best out of their knowledge and time.

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      Character and Value Clarity

    4. Using Literature to bring out Ethical Dilemmas
      Methodology: Stories and caselets will be distributed to students featuring situations on Ethical dilemmas. They will observe and learn the ways of dealing with these critical situations.
      Benefits to students: They will learn how to use a holistic approach in resolving Ethical dilemmas. Developing individual values. Seeing realities and logical understanding of the issues.

    5. Decision-making and Goal-setting
      Methodology: This exercises career information and resources to conduct self-assessment, career `exploration and career planning. The decision making section will develop self-responsibility by showing students how to deal with decisions and problems.
      Benefits to students: Students will analyze selected career paths in relation to their own aptitudes, interests, principles and desired lifestyles. Students get well prepared to face any kind of challenges, be it professional or their personal lives.

    6. Motivation and Entrepreneurship
      Methodology: The session aims at sensitizing the students about entrepreneurship as a career option and risk and reward associated with it.
      Benefits to students: Breaking the stereotypes of entrepreneurship; motivating them to think big; knowledge of an alternate path to success.

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      Self-Presentation and Communication Proficiency

    8. The art of public speaking
      Methodology: Enables students to master the nuances of public speaking and get sufficient practice to bolster their confidence. Exercise on impromptu speech helping student to think real time and appropriate to the occasion.
      Benefits to students: The student will emerge as a confident and effective speaker who can present his opinion lucidly without hesitation, nervousness and aggression.

    9. Role-plays and Panel Discussions
      Methodology: The students would be divided into groups and each group will be given corporate situation and characters and then they will have to enact by following the guidelines provided to them.
      Benefits to students: Dealing with sharp questions and counter questions, sharp analyzing power is required and high level of energy is involved while speaking.

    10. Activity based Learning
      Methodology: Exercises on writing skills and creative writing assignments to hone the writing skills of the students. Helping the students to establish various self-running clubs in the institute viz. English debating clubs, Hindi Samiti, Dramatics club etc.
      Benefits to students: Business writing has become a crucial toll on the success of a technocrat or manager. Building all-round personality utilizing the inherent strengths of students and spinning off creative initiatives within the institute.

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      Creativity and Life-Skills

    12. Creative Expression and Free Writing
      Methodology: Article analysis– coming up with various insights, formulate their own questions and ideas. Free writing exercises wherein students write stories, poetry, personal narratives etc.
      Benefits to students: Development of language skills and appreciation of importance of vocabulary. It would help students develop themselves as better, more insightful, and aware thinkers.

    13. Abstract thought and Description
      Methodology: Students will be given a set of pictures and they will have to come up with their understanding and perception about the picture.
      Benefits to students: Students would learn about ambiguity and how different people can view things differently.

    14. Self-Description Exercises
      Methodology: A set of exercises will be conducted in the session which would prompt students to wonder on: ‘Who am I?’, ‘What am I doing?’, ‘What are my roles and responsibilities?’
      Benefits to students: With this exercise the students will develop a clarity about their roles and responsibilities towards their education, family and society.

    15. Financial Literacy
      Methodology: A simplistic model of Budget making and money management. Broad understanding of appreciation/depreciation, inflation, taxes and Income.
      Benefits to students: Students learn how to use their time and money judiciously. They also learn money management strategies in areas of budgeting, income, spending, credit, savings, and investing.

    16. Interpersonal Skills and Temperament Management
      Methodology: Learn team dynamics; Temperament Management; Games and activities that develop empathy, courtesy, friendship, cooperation and teamwork.
      Benefits to students: Promotes positive social skills, self responsibility and leadership quality.


    Bringing Youth to the young! A 4-day retreat in the lap of Himalayas is aimed at rejuvenating the fading rawness of today's Youth. A group of college-going students shortlisted from all around the country embark their journey towards understanding themselves better and coming close to natural environment. Each day's schedule is carefully designed by Advait's Facilitators to make the most out of the day and introduce students to the highest words of wisdom that have been said, through various activities involving musical performances, role-plays, mimes and other learning based fun activities.

    Being an added and open platform, the selected few students of HIDP get an opportunity to enrol in YLCs on a subsidized price. In case of camps with majority of participants from a single college, this also serves as a huge platform for college’s brand appreciation.


    Nukkad Natak, or Street Play, is an art form which has been extensively used in our country to create public awareness around certain issues of interest.

    As an expression of the creative and intense discussions, presentations and brain-storming in the classrooms, the students from our HCTP have spent significant amount of their time in scripting, rehearsing and then performing street plays on issues like Happiness, Peer Pressure, Freedom, Career Choices, Myth of Motivation etc. in front of audiences all around their cities and in their institute. This art form ensures that the student expresses not just vocally but use gestures, body language and every moment to communicate.

    One such street play, on the topic of Freedom was also broadcasted on national news channel TIMES NOW, on the eve of Independence Day. Advait's team of students and volunteers was invited to perform in front of an audience comprising of tourists from different nationalities in the premise of Dilli Haat, New Delhi.


    Srajan, is one of its kind event that focuses on the ‘Dil’ (Heart) rather than the 'Skill' behind anything build by the participants. Sometimes the classes and corridors which were once a abode of technical ensemble are converted into beautiful art galleries, put together by brilliant and innovative ideas of Advait facilitators and HCTP students.Srajan, is one of its kind event that focuses on the ‘Dil’ (Heart) rather than the 'Skill' behind anything build by the participants. Sometimes the classes and corridors which were once a abode of technical ensemble are converted into beautiful art galleries, put together by brilliant and innovative ideas of Advait facilitators and HCTP students.

    Such exposure to expression of clarity through various art forms like sketching, oil painting, origami, poster-making, gives a totally different kind of a flight to the mind which is mostly indulged in technical and managerial pursuits throughout the academic year.

    The art form also promotes and appreciates a roar of young man's clarity not just vocally but in a more silent and subtle form also.

    Such initiatives by Advait Life-Education have been highly appreciated, admired and adopted by artists and technocrats alike.


    Being That!, is an event which has always helped in bringing forth the creative expression of students in the form of dances, poetry-recitation and role-plays.

    From poems, plays and songs written by world’s highly acclaimed writers and poets to self-made composition of students all find a place on the stage in Being That!.

    An event of this stature is not only a challenge to their creative abilities but it also gives them a chance to explore the management aspect of the events. Advait is blessed with a team of creative individuals who have successfully delegated—with being parallely available always—the creative, structural, operational and management aspects of the events to the students for them to learn on as well as off-stage.

    The event is revolutionary in its core. The expressions might look similar and common, but the event is committed to bring the mind to clarity, an individual to become less artificial, and to be able to look at himself and the world clearly.


    Deeksha, is a platform where all the students come forward to express their gratitude towards the vast body of literature available to mankind in today’s world, from ancient texts of Advaita Vedanta to Zen, from the tradition of the Sufis to the psychological breakthroughs of the likes of Sigmund Freud and CG Jung.

    The innate creativity of the students manifests in the form of self-made posters, rangoli, etc under the guidance of Advait's Facilitators, and share the essence of the literature with all the guests, and thus introduce them to the beauty and relevance of the eloquent utterances.

    The proud parents of the participating students are invited and they have always been amazed to see their 18-22 years old kids reading, understanding, relating and explaining to the academicians, experts and professionals the highest words mankind has ever heard and read.


    Camp in Campus is a unique, fun-involved and exciting learning opportunity which demands extreme levels of maturity and a will to not-give up. Today one is less of a slave of another country or man/woman than he is of the technology and comforts.

    Organised for selected few in the campus itself, a group of students takes the onus of presenting a self-sufficient model of living where they setup a camp for themselves to live, where they take care of everything from the food they eat to basic cleanliness all by themselves and leaving minimal ecological footprint in the process.

    The stay in the camp is filled with group activities, designed specially for such situations which help to promote team work, leadership skills, empathy and courtesy among students.


    With each moment of life, students of HIDP have beautifully learned the art of expressing clarity of the mind and creativity through a sequence of such frames. Growing with the current technology and social innovations, our facilitators have provided the students a platform to reach out to a larger audience through the Internet.

    The subject of these short films varies from technical to personal narratives, from stories by well-know writers to documentary-style clips on social awareness, from the little, immediate happenings to global issues.

    This helps the students to express themselves in ways which are informative and entertaining at the same time.


    Learning is not limited to the classroom, Advait's Facilitators have taken an initiative to spend more time with the students in the campus after the campus hours, where they introduce students to more advanced activities on Life-Skills and help them bring about a more positive change in themselves.

    Such sessions in the vicinity of a centred mind have been of immense importance in the development of students outside the classroom. ECS also gives an opportunity to individual students to closely share the details of their lives to find the resolution of the problems and way ahead for a more relaxed, successful and loving future.

    ECS has also brought those students from HCTP classes who generally avoid speaking in the crowd and are generally hidden for the same reason.


    To invite the Holistic Individual Development Program (HIDP) expert for details, discussion, to explore the services more and discover what fits your students, please get in touch with:

    Shri Abhishek Agarwal