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Advait Vedanta
The Fountainhead of Wisdom
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This book contains the seven sessions of the ‘Advait Vedanta’ camp held in the spring of 2019. Settling not to remain just in the confines of Upanishadic wisdom and Vedanta, Acharya Prashant branches out and takes us to the works and utterances of various poets and seers, including a variety of scriptural gifts from the Indic religious streams, and shows us the indubitable unity underlying all authentic wisdom inspired by man’s honesty and surrender to the Truth with the purest clarity and understanding. Taking into account the seeker’s personal configuration and situation, the greatest help is the one that elucidates the timeless call of freedom into a form that is lucid, applicable and, most importantly, honest. Throughout this book, Acharya Prashant repeatedly brings us to the fact of our state, makes us face what we need to work with the most and gives us the right perspective required for the correct application of the teaching.
1. Man is not born to be liberated 2. Have wisdom to use strength rightly 3. Knowledge is meaningless without understanding the knower 4. The one after pleasure is mere flesh 5. Religion is the way back to that which was never lost 6. Godliness is the heart of spirituality, and religion is its body
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