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Your beauty is your hell! || Neem Candies
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A strange situation is that a beautiful woman’s life is perhaps more complex than an average-looking woman’s life, because a beautiful looking woman has a lot of men eyeing upon her, and she can get whatever she wants. And what you will get for your beauty, that is the real hell for you.

You will think, “I have got it all because I am beautiful. That’s why I have got it.” You have not got it as a perk. The possible heights that you could have achieved in your life, those had to be burnt in getting you that golden bed and the jewelry and a 500-inch TV.

When in life you fight with challenges, when you struggle, it is then that you shine. But now that you are so beautiful, what to do? You won’t have to struggle at all, and you will not shine then. You will remain beautiful only on the outside, while on the inside you are very ugly.

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