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Would you milk somebody you love? || Neem Candies
Author Acharya Prashant
Acharya Prashant
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What is it that is keeping beef affordable? It is milk consumption, because it is in circulation.

You see, you have an asset; if the only thing that you can have from it is its flesh, then you will be required to firstly raise it to its maximum weight, and then you get only one thing from it: its flesh, flesh in certain kilograms. Whereas, if that animal becomes perpetually productive for you over a range of five to seven years and then, as the final end product, it gives you its flesh as well, then it’s a far more lucrative proposition.

Take away milk from the equation, and even beef consumption would drastically fall, for purely economic reasons. The economics would not remain sustainable anymore. It’s the milk consumer who has to realize that he is the driving factor behind cow slaughter.

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